Gun Safety

A Smart Gun Owner is a safe Gun Owner
Prevent children and teens getting access to guns.

Prevent theft of a gun from your home.
In 40% of Arizona’s child gun deaths, the gun involved was owned by the child’s parents, step parents or relatives.


  • Store your gun unloaded and locked.
  • Use a firearm safe, locked box, or trigger lock.
  • Store the ammunition in a separate place.
  • Lock up the ammunition.

Mental Illness and Guns - a Deadly Combination

Arizona ranks 9th in the nation for suicides.

Firearms are used in 60% of these deaths.

If you , or a family member , suffer from mental illness or depression , remove all guns from your home.

Ask a relative or friend to hold on to your guns until you or your loved one is healthy.

Talk to Kids About Gun Safety

Ask other parents if there are guns where your child will be playing.

Explain to your child the difference between pretending and real life, A gun is not a toy!

Teach your child these tips if they see a gun:

  • Stop!
  • Don’t touch the gun.
  • Run away.
  • Tell an adult.